Other hand stamped necklaces (and wine charms!)

I’m really enjoying hand stamping on metal. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with different designs, fonts, charms, etc. Here are some of the items I have made!

A necklace adorned with a freshwater pearl and stamped with the word LOVE. This would make a wonderful 30th anniversary present, as the gift for that milestone is typically a pearl.


It’s amazing how powerful a message can be when so prominently displayed and worn close to your heart.


Custom initial necklaces are a lot of fun. Several charms can be added to a single necklace. Great gift idea for moms, grandmas, etc. Birth stones can also be added to further personalize.


Prefer the more “old fashioned” birth stone jewelry? I remember my grandma had a ring with a birthstone for each of her 5 children. This inspired me to make this “family” necklace. Can hold up to 4 birth stones along with the charm. Additional birth stones can be added, but would fit best on their own jump ring.


What do you get the bride-to-be who has everything or isn’t registered anywhere? I bet she doesn’t have a wine charm set with her and her future husband’s name on it! Also an idea for bridesmaids, or just anyone who likes wine.


For my sister and future brother in law. 🙂



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